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Embrace the Thriving Business Landscape

Discover why Zanzibar is an ideal investment destinations for your business.
With a booming economy and favorable business climate, the region offers a host of advantages to drive your entrepreneurial success.


Strategic Location

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of Africa and the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar offer unrivaled access to regional and international markets.


Rapid Economic Growth

In recent years, Tanzania's GDP has been growing at an average rate of around 6-7% per year, showcasing the country's strong economic performance.


Business-Friendly Policies

World Bank's report ranked Tanzania as one of the top 10 most improved economies globally in 2020, highlighting efforts to simplify business regulations.


World's First
Neo Digital Freezone

Empowering Your Business with Seamless Solutions

Embrace the future with ease as we provide a revolutionary platform where you can obtain a digital trade license, a bank account supporting both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and handle your legal requirements and taxes, all within a single, streamlined platform.

Say goodbye to complexities and hello to a new era of simplicity and efficiency, empowering your business to thrive like never before.

OurZone™ Benefits

Where Freedom Meets Efficiency

With OurZone, you can embark on your business journey with ease,
leveraging our cutting-edge technology to streamline every step of the process.


Fully Automated Onboarding

Our automated onboarding process, will ensure compliance with KYC and AML regulations at ease and efficiency.


Banking & Web3 Compatible

Seamlessly manage both fiat and digital currencies with our comprehensive banking solutions compatible with Web3 technologies.


Experience hassle-free business operations, as we provide built-in legal and tax settlement services, simplifying legal obligations.


Affordable & Flexible Trade Licenses

OurZone™ offers cost-effective and flexible commercial trade licenses, making it easier to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.


Sovereign Economic Jurisdiction

OurZone™ empowers businesses to operate within an independent economic environment, fostering growth and prosperity.


Powered by Data Sovereign Tech

Your Privacy, Your Data, Your Security. Our Quantum Safe Storage will empower you to safeguard your digital information.

Subscription Packages

Tailored Solutions for Your Entrepreneurial Growth

Explore our diverse range of subscription packages, carefully crafted to cater to your business needs.


Individual Licensing

Purchase a single trade license valid for 3 years at the price of 1,000 USD.


Bulk Licensing

50% for purchase of 10+ licenses with the option to commercially resale.


Custom Licensing

Please contact us for tailored provisions for your community or organization.

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Be a part of our referral program and unlock exciting rewards by sharing the revolutionary OurZone™ platform with others.

Spread the word about the world's first Neo Freezone and earn a 10% commission for every successful referral made through your unique affiliate code.