OurWorld Free Zone is excited to announce a significant milestone in its journey towards global collaboration. On July 23 2023, a momentous contract was signed between OurWorld Free Zone and the government of Tanzania, solidifying their official partnership.
The signing ceremony, graced by the presence of OurWorld Free Zone's co-founder, Kristof De Spiegeleer, marked a pivotal moment in the organization's expansion efforts. The event was attended by a distinguished gathering, including members of the press, honored guests, and key government officials from both Zanzibar and Tanzania.
During the event, discussions were held to outline the next steps in this groundbreaking collaboration. The partnership between OurWorld Free Zone and the Zanzibar government aims to pave the way for new opportunities and mutual growth. The cooperative efforts are poised to foster economic development, innovation, and cooperation between different sectors.
Stay tuned for more detailed updates on this exciting partnership as OurWorld Free Zone and the government of Zanzibar work together to shape a promising future of collaboration and progress. Further announcements will shed light on the specific initiatives and projects that will emerge from this alliance.